Safety and Occupational Footwear

Gellco Clothing & Shoes is Oklahoma’s leading provider of Safety Footwear. With over 20 name brands and well over 200 different styles in-stock we offer by far the largest selection in the great state of Oklahoma. Gellco offers safety footwear in just about any style, category, safety feature, and price range imaginable. We know that Safety Footwear is not a one size fits all.

Gellco Clothing & Shoes staff is trained on product technology and features as well as customer industries. When you visit Gellco to get fitted for Safety Footwear our staff will make sure to recommend styles or features that are ideal for the customers preferences, work environment, and budget. Our staff is also trained to help any customer find a pair of Safety Shoes that fits correctly and is comfortable. Gellco’s staff is also trained on OSHA PPE standards so that you can rest assure you or your employee leave one of our stores or truck compliant for the job.

Gellco offers corporate programs for any size company, whether you have 5 or 5,000 employees. Corporate Programs feature services such as expert face-to-face customer service, the largest selection in Oklahoma, Company discounts, simple and flexible invoicing, generous warranties, reporting capabilities, On-site Mobile Service, and online services. Safety Footwear Programs can help boost employee morale, increase jobsite safety, possibly help decrease insurance premiums, and possibly reduce worker’s compensation claims. Gellco Clothing & Shoes specifically tailors our corporate programs and services to your company’s wants and needs. You get service how you want it, when you want it.

Flame-Resistant Clothing

Gellco Clothing & Shoes is one of Oklahoma’s largest providers of Flame-Resistant Clothing. Just like our Safety Footwear services we can service any size crew ranging from 5 to 5,000 employees. We offer custom programs that fit your company’s ideal uniform policies and standards. Gellco offers a large selection from leading brands in FR such as Ariat, Carhartt, Wrangler, Bulwark, Lapco, Cinch, and several others.

Gellco’s Corporate FR programs offer in-store fittings, custom embroidery, below retail discounts, large selection, flexible invoicing, reporting capabilities, custom online catalogue/ordering and shipping across the continental United States.

What separates Gellco from other FR providers is our unique customer service. Unlike our competitors in the industry Gellco puts a tremendous amount of focus on customer service for our corporate FR programs. If something is out of stock and backordered our staff will notify you and make suggestions that help fit you or your employee into something similar that is readily available. Gellco’s selection and service has been the driving force for our rapid growth in the FR industry. It’s simple; you get service how you want it, when you want it.

Soft Toe Shoes, Apparel, and Accessories

Gellco Clothing & Shoes also offers high quality Soft Toe outdoor and occupational footwear. Whether it’s at work, farm, home, or your love for the great outdoors we offer footwear that is made to last and get you through whatever conditions you’re in and do so with comfort.

Gellco Clothing & Shoes offers a large selection of work and outdoor apparel from brands such as Carhartt, Timberland Pro, Ariat, and several others. Whether it’s just you or your crew of 100 guys, we can offer customer clothing packages that fit your needs, conditions and budget. We also offer custom embroidery for your company’s name and/or logo.

Gellco Clothing & Shoes also offers specific quality accessories. Gellco offers a large selection of footwear accessories such as insoles, mink oil, waterproofing, laces, boot guard, along with many others. Gellco also offers and can package in clothing accessories such as beanies, face masks, eye and ear protection, and many others. It’s our job to help you get through your job safely and comfortably. We truly are a one stop shop for The Great American Worker.