Gellco Clothing & Shoes customer services extends on even past the customer fitting. Gellco offers simple and flexible invoicing that helps fit your company. You can choose to be invoiced with each sale, or grouped weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, specific dates throughout each month, by number of sales, or by dollar amount. Invoices can be submitted to you by mail, email, online portal, phone, or whatever fits your company best. Payment for invoices are easy also. You can send a check in the mail, call in with a credit card, keep a credit card on file, or pay in person. Gellco aims to do what is best for your company.

Gellco Clothing & Shoes also offers reporting capabilities for billing and tracking purposes. Need to know who and how much was bought during the month? Need physical tickets? Gellco can help provide paperwork and relevant tracking information so that the administrative side of your company receives the same level of customer service that is offered to everyone that is fitted in our stores.