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Q: Do you carry everything you have on the website in your store and on your mobile shoe trucks?
A: No. But, we usually have over half of the products in stock at any given time. Our trucks are geared for your company, so you may not always see what you do online. If you want something in store or on a truck, please let us know so that it may be arranged.

Q: What’s the advantage of having a COMPOSITE toe rather than a STEEL toe?
A: Essentially, they are both the same in safety. All of our safety boots are compliant with OSHA and ANSI ratings F2413-05 for impact and compression tests. However, some prefer COMPOSITE because it in a non-metallic toecap. They are made out of a hardened synthetic such as Thermoplastic (TPU). Being non-metallic, a composite toe naturally does not conduct electricity. You can also get a steel toe that is Electrical Hazard (EH) rated.

A: There are 3 main categories of safety features in work shoes:

Electrical Hazard
Electrical Hazard (EH) boots and shoes are designed to reduce the possibility of electrocution to the shoe-wearer by reducing the flow of electricity through the shoe, and to help ground the shoe. The “EH” symbol will be on the ASTM label on the inside of the boot. Only safety shoes can be rated Electrical Hazard. It is important to remember that the protection provided by this safety feature should not be relied upon for electrocution prevention. These shoes are a secondary step.

Static Dissipating (Electrostatic Dissipating)
Static Dissipating (SD/ESD) boots and shoes are designed to dissipate (reduce) the amount of static electricity build-up on your body. The “SD” or “ESD” will be on the ASTM label on the inside of the boot, and can usually be found somewhere on the outside as well. Unlike EH boots and shoes, both safety toe and non-safety toe can be made SD/ESD.

There are a few important safety features to remember about Static Dissipating footwear. First, no aftermarket insoles may be added to the shoe. These insoles will make the sole non-conductive; therefore it will not dissipate electrostatic electricity. Also, the sole of the shoe must make good contact with the floor at all times. The outsole and floor should remain clear of debris and dust at all times.

Conductive shoes (CD) are designed to allow Static Electricity to pass through the shoes and into the ground. Conductive boots and shoes are similar to Static Dissipating shoes in that they both are designed to dissipate static electricity, but Conductive shoes do it in a much faster and complete way. These shoes are generally worn where extra caution is needed, such as where explosive or volatile materials are stored.

Q: How can I tell what width I need my safety shoes in?
A: Safety shoes come in different width classifications, depending on the brand and size availability of that particular style. Most brands offer a MEDIUM and WIDE option - shown as either “M” or “W”, sometimes shown as “EW”. A few brands still use the letter system where the smaller the letter, the narrower the size, and vice versa. IE: “A” is very narrow, where “EEE” is very wide. 80% of Americans can properly fit in the “D” or “Medium” width. In general with safety toe shoes, the width of the shoe does not determine the width of the safety toe cap. The best way to know what size you need is to get properly fitted by one of our trained shoes salesmen, either in store or on one of our safety shoe trucks.

Q: What forms of payment does Gellco offer?
A: Both in store and on our mobile shoe stores, we take Debit and Credit - Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. We also take cash and checks. In addition, some companies choose to set up a Payroll Deduct program where their employees can charge items from Gellco. These accounts can be set up with one of our Account Specialists. Details such as items allowed to be charged, price limits, and time constraints can be discussed with these specialists.

To speak with one of our Account Specialists:

Tulsa Area - 1-800-729-9127 Oklahoma City Area - 1-800-643-5526

Q: What is Gellco’s online order process?
A: When you make a purchase from Gellco Clothing & Shoes, we strive to make the process as fast and efficient as possible. Our Online Sales Department will not run your credit card until the order has been shipped. All sales are shipped via UPS Ground, but expedited shipping is available for an additional fee. After shipment from one of our shipping warehouses, it usually takes 2-4 days for delivery in the continental US. Total processing and delivery time usually ranges between 10-14 business days for standard shipping.

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